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file size:30k
requires:2.2 and up
downloads:10,000 - 50,000
publisher:Calcium Ion
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MoreSpace: SwipePad add-on Description :

MoreSpace extends your SwipePad: more pads; more slots
NOTE: this is not a standalone app, it enables the features in SwipePad like add more pads, change pad size, back up and restore.
You can assign different hotspots on your phone screen to different pads: one for favorite apps, one for contacts, one for bookmarks, etc. If you have a big screen and thinking about putting more than 12 slots together, this add-on is also the way
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    Good and useful but got some hotspots issue
    A very useful and functional app. Get quick and easy access to apps. But after my galaxy note updated to ICS 4.0.4, sometimes the hotspot regions just don't register my input no matter how big i set the size. Other areas are excellent otherwise if those hotspots don't register input then it's not functional. Please look into this issue.
    By user: [Ping]    Rating: [5]    Date: [July 19, 2012]

    Gnex JB not working
    Works great on ICS but current AOSP JB ROM won't accept this add on. Regular swipe pad works tho. Please adapt.
    By user: [Clint]    Rating: [3]    Date: [July 14, 2012]

    The finishing touch...
    to a brilliant app. Just needs transparency to make it perfect. Bought this to support developer.
    By user: [mtb]    Rating: [5]    Date: [July 9, 2012]

    Samsung galaxy s2
    I was using swipepad for a while now. Found it really useful. Out of four paid addons, this one is the must have one. This completes the app and smartphone features
    By user: [Viks]    Rating: [5]    Date: [July 8, 2012]

    Would love to have the option for more spots too. 8x4 would be really nice
    By user: [Dio]    Rating: [4]    Date: [June 24, 2012]

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