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file size:1.7M
requires:2.1 and up
downloads:1,000 - 5,000
publisher:Corel Corporation
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web site:http://www.corel.com
WordPerfect Viewer for Android Description :

Take WordPerfect® with you on your Android device! When you’re on the move, WordPerfect® Viewer gives you the freedom to keep business moving—wherever you go. Read WordPerfect email attachments and downloaded files with a simple tap. Need to scan a document quickly? Use the search feature to find relevant sections by keyword. You can also bookmark files, email converted files and export an HTML version. Store files to view lat
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    Works great! I can read everything clearly. But yes, it should have been free.

    By user: [Linda]    Rating: [4]    Date: [May 23, 2012]

    It is very useful because I am a die-hard WordPerfect user, and I am glad to be able to view and copy text. Even so, it only views one file type (.wpd) and doesn't allow editing.  It is overpriced for such limited functionality.
    By user: [Layne]    Rating: [3]    Date: [May 21, 2012]

    I have been looking for a wpd viewer since I got my Droid phone six months, ago. It is great not to go through hoops to open a wpd document. I would love to see some editing/writing capabilities added , but am happy to have a viewer and so far it works well for my purposes.
    By user: [Gary]    Rating: [4]    Date: [May 7, 2012]

    Works on my rooted NookColor - recommended
    Version 1.0 does a great job of viewing WordPerfect documents that are downloaded through the native android gmail account, that is if they are only text documents. 1. Unfortunately, images are trashed, though gracefully trashed (not rendered). 2. Columns are rendered as as single column, not two or three or what ever the structure originally was. 3. Curiously, tables are rendered as tables. 4. Hyperlinks are blue and underlined, but not active. 5. Fonts are changed but one is limited to what is available on your android device. 6. This viewer does view sideloaded .wpd files. 7. As for headers and footers, they appear trashed (not rendered). The point is this, as a viewer it gets a 3 out of 5 stars, recommended. 1 star for text rendering, 1 star for sideloaded support, and 1 star for WP's push into Android. If it handled images, columns, and hyperlinks, then it would get a 4 and a recommended rating. A five if it handled all of that plus headers and footers (paging of the document).
    By user: [John]    Rating: [3]    Date: [May 5, 2012]

    Should be free
    Pros: this viewer works, contrary to the above review it does open files from the SD card. The manual says to open it first as text, then the viewer comes up as an option. It works fine for viewing basic dogs with outlines and simple formatting, but it does so by converting the file to HTML, which can then be exported, which is nice. Cons: $6 For this functionality is way to much. .pdf and.doc viewers are free, and doc editors are free. Corel, I love WordPerfect, but for six bucks, I think I'll just save as an MSWord file when I need android access . . . Very disappointed.
    By user: [3bwings]    Rating: [2]    Date: [May 4, 2012]

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