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file size:869k
requires:2.1 and up
downloads:500 - 1,000
publisher:DK Simulations
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Napoleonics: Quatre Bras Description :

Re-create the battle of Quatre Bras, 1815, with this wargame.
Take either the French or Allied side against another player, or else against the computer.
You control infantry, cavalry and artillery, changing formation into lines, columns and squares as you try to beat your opponent and win the battle of Quatre Bras.
This is the full version where you can:
Play for the full 8 turns.
Play against the computer, as either side.
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    Good game
    Love this wee game.
    By user: [Robert]    Rating: [5]    Date: [May 18, 2012]

    A Solid Game
    Whilst not as polished as its sequel, Quatre Bras is not to be overlooked. The core mechanics and gameplay are wonderful. They will be readily familiar to fans of Napoleon's Triumph, but are quite easy to grasp for those who aren't. Add in the varibles -- the early start, summoning the guard cavalry and D'Erlon's -- and you've got a game that never gets old. Don't be afraid to throw down the money on this one. You won't be disappointed!
    By user: [David]    Rating: [5]    Date: [April 13, 2012]

    A great start
    I buy DK Simulations games sight unseen, and I was delighted to discover that this game uses a system similar to the system used in board games like Napoleon's Triumph. The AI is not particularly challenging, but that is a minor quibble. My biggest issue is that the AI does not make decisions about whether to bring in reinforcements, so playing as the Allies, you have to decide whether to commit French reinforcements. If the AI could do this, it would make both sides viable, and the game would be a 5.
    By user: [Jeffrey]    Rating: [4]    Date: [February 17, 2012]

    of everything. This is a great start! Needs to be expanded into a larger Waterloo campaign. Also, better icon set would brighten up the visual experience.
    By user: [Sean]    Rating: [4]    Date: [February 15, 2012]

    Napoleonics: Quatre Bras
    Good first start at Napoleonic game. Played on galaxy 10.1.
    By user: [Tom]    Rating: [4]    Date: [December 17, 2011]

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