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file size:105k
requires:1.5 and up
downloads:1,000 - 5,000
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SVN Repository Watch Description :

Checks for updates of source code repositories, either manually or as a background service. Found changes can be filtered to only notify you if certain conditions are met.
- Only tested with SourceForge's HTTP SVNs. Your mileage may vary for other SVNs.
- No authentication and there probably never will be, since the app author is responsible for keeping your passwords safe.
No ads. No tracking code.
This software is prov
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    No authentificatio

    By user: [anTONIos]    Rating: [2]    Date: [August 2, 2012]

    log in?
    please add the ability to log in, other than that it seems nice
    By user: [Daniela]    Rating: [4]    Date: [October 25, 2011]

    Awesome features
    Awesome features, all it needs is a little polish, and an app icon that works on a black or green background.
    By user: [primetomas]    Rating: [4]    Date: [September 15, 2011]

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