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file size:47M
requires:2.2 and up
downloads:5,000 - 10,000
publisher:Loading Home
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The Passenger Description :

Short and experimental adventure game
Get involved in a world where you will be solving logical puzzles, brain teasers and mini-games.
Discover a relaxing experience designed specialy for mobile devices with an original and innovative Point-and-click graphic adventure game.
Enjoy beatiful 2D hand-drawn backgrounds and character animations.
Original soundtrack composed specially for the game that will involve you in the appropiat
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    Not a finished game
    Seriously? To be continued, after what, 3 scenes? No plot info no resolution....
    By user: [leigoss]    Rating: [1]    Date: [July 4, 2012]

    Needs Expansion
    This beautiful game is high on graphical art and low on content. While I enjoyed playing it, some of the puzzles are lost in the graphics, which can be frustrating. Also, the game evokes an emotional response with its premise and characterization, but fails to deliver any kind of resolution. Hopefully, the developers are planning an expansion to flesh out the storyline a bit.
    By user: [Kathryn]    Rating: [4]    Date: [July 3, 2012]

    Great mood but limited gameplay
    Great setting and sounds but gameplay just lackluster. Puzzles too easy and you spend too much time walking around - slowly...
    By user: [Weiyi]    Rating: [2]    Date: [June 28, 2012]

    I beat the game in under 10 minutes. You can play most the game in the demo and it's not even worth spending the dollar to get the rest
    By user: [Tom]    Rating: [1]    Date: [June 17, 2012]

    samsung galaxy s2
    By user: [sujeet]    Rating: [5]    Date: [June 15, 2012]

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